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About Jim

Hi, I’m Jim! And I’m a superhero! OK, well, maybe I’m a slightly geeky guy with glasses, but that’s just my everyday disguise. Give me a camera and I transform into your wedding superphotographer; I’m up in trees, doing the military crawl, peeking through a keyhole, or the invisible man in the middle of the action at your reception – anything to give you a unique perspective of all the greatest moments of your day. Some pictures you’ll look at, laugh, cry, and then ask, “Where was I when THAT happened?!” But it’s OK if you missed it, because your superphotographer captured it all for you!

My goal as a photographer is to be a positive presence and assist in making your day a truly great one. From that space I am able to capture meaningful images and moments you’ll treasure forever, with you, as well as your best friends and family.

I’m based in eastern Pennsylvania and do work in destinations across the United States and worldwide, with much of my work in the Philadelphia area, eastern PA, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Washington DC.

Send me an email at jimheine@gmail.com or call (610) 442-1468 if you’d like to chat or you just need to tell me how amazing I am, haha! ¬†Thanks for stopping by!